MoonBean’s Grawnola is the perfect start to your day when mixed with your favourite milk or yoghurt, or anytime the mood strikes as a nutrient-dense and convenient snack right out of the bag.


This jam-packed Grawnola is handcrafted from premium ingredients that will provide you with sustained energy and total satisfaction. Every bite is naturally rich in antioxidants, magnesium, selenium, and feel-good chemicals.  


Herbivore is dedicated to bringing you healthy nutritious flavour craving foods and snacks made with #only the good stuff!


Super Cereal is made by sprouting nutrient dense buckwheat and quinoa seeds to “wake them up” and activate their living enzymes, allowing their nutrients to become bioavailable.


Then only the best organic ingredients are added and dehydrated for 18 hours to preserve vital nutrients giving you the best nutrition to super-boost your day!