Buchu Gin and Tonic - Drifter Brewing Company
stormy smoked porter

The Drifter Stormy Smoked
Porter is brewed with a
malt we smoked locally on

You'll pick up hints of
campfire on the aroma and
roasted smokey cocoa nibs
on the taste.

At 6% and bold in flavour,
it's a surprisingly easy-to drink
porter that will leave
you wanting more.

The Stranded Coconut

The Stranded Coconut beer is one of our top sellers. It's a session ale infused with real toasted Mozambican coconut, that will take you out of your work week and into the tropics! 

A light session beer of its own unique style - easy drinking, refreshing with after notes of coconut. Ingredients also include Munich, Vienna and Cara-Pilsner malts from Germany, as well as a blend of locally grown hops. This beer is suitable for everyone, and unlike other flavoured beers where it's "one and done," you can enjoy a few of these in the span of a night and keep wanting more! 

The Stranded Coconut - Drifter Brewing Company
Cape Town Blonde - Drifter Brewing Company
The Cape Town Blonde

The Cape Town Blonde was Drifter's first commercial beer on the market. It is brewed with all local RSA hops and a combination of German speciality grains.

The Cape Town Blonde can be enjoyed all times of the year but especially in summer. The beer is a light, flavourful ale that has enough hop character to make it interesting but subtle enough to make it an easy drinking brew.

The Scallywag IPA

The Scallywag is a very bold and hoppy American-style Indian Pale Ale, but still smooth enough for those who don't prefer IPAs. It is not for the weak or weary! 

Brewed with a blend of American and local hops using a hop bursting technique. This beer has pronounced floral and tropical fruit aromas which are complimented by a very smooth bitterness and a silky mouth feel.

The Scallywag IPA - Drifter Brewing Company
The Legend Lager - Drifter Brewing Company
The Legend Lager

A smooth light vienna-style lager with a very prominent malt back bone and a subtle bitterness. Always have Legend by your side- whether you are out to sea, hiking up a mountain, or relaxing on the couch. He's the perfect first mate for any occasion. 

A slight variation of the lager you know and love - brewed with a bit more flavour and a bit more love. In honour of Legend, who was an amazing hound.

The explorer pack

Drifter Brewing Company strives for adventure, creativity and craftsmanship in their beers.


In keeping with this spirit of adventure, you can now explore four award-winning Drifter beers in one neat gift pack.

The Explorer Pack - Drifter Brewing Company
Buchu Gin and Tonic - Drifter Brewing Company
buchu Gin & Tonic

A craft Gin and Tonic, made with our own specialty gin that is infused with buchu, a local fynbos known as South Africa’s “miracle herb” and believed by the Khoisan to be an elixir of youth. Best enjoyed on a hot day, or any day for that matter.