Malva pudding - 700g - Ed's Eezi Meals

Malva pudding, the quintessential South African dessert, serves 2 to 3 people. Delivered frozen. 


Caution, laced with Amarula ;)


Ed’s Eezi Meals will strive to give you and your family top quality meals at all times by only using the best from the best. We are looking forward to bringing you great food from our kitchen to your table.


Our meals are made in bulk, cooled down and then frozen. When freezing cooked food, the moisture from the ingredients tend to be drawn out of the food and if you do not follow the correct procedure, your food could be dry when you re-heat it.
1. Most important: Where possible, defrost you meals beforehand. Best to take out tomorrow night’s meals the evening before and leave it in your fridge to slowly defrost.
2. Before you even think of warming up your meal, remove the card board lid first.
3. The best way to warm up your meal is in the oven, old school style. Even though the containers are microwave friendly, I do not believe that is the way to go. Slow warming in the oven ensures that all foods warm up evenly.
4. Remember: If you are going to use your microwave to warm up your meal, different microwaves have different power, so it is difficult to give warming times. Also the bigger portion of the meal will take longer to warm up than the veggies, so be careful you do not nuke your veggies.
5. Also very important is to stir the meal halfway through the warming-up process. This ensures that the sauce and moisture is once again drawn into the food. (Oven and microwave).
6. For the family meal trays, I suggest you use the oven. Especially for the meals that are topped with cheese, this just works better. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees, remove lid from tray and let it warm for 20-30 minutes. Set a timer so you do not forget to take it out…. Been there, done that…. Burnt food just sucks!!
7. You can even plate your meals beforehand if you want, remember that the plate also gets hot, so oven gloves are a good idea here.

Malva pudding - 700g - Ed's Eezi Meals

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