Clarks Kitchen

The Clark’s Kitchen range is a culmination of passionate cooks and family recipes perfected over generations.


Hand made in small batches with only the freshest and finest ingredients.


Deliciously sweet and sticky with hints of fresh ginger, garlic and fragrant spices, Clark’s plum sauces are perfect for stir-frys and Oriental dishes, as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and satays, or to baste and glaze ribs, steaks and chicken on the braai. 

Seed Oil sa

Unlike so many seed oils on the market which are chemically solvent-extracted, SEED OIL SA’s grape seed oil is expeller cold-pressed.  The oil  is made from grape seeds after wine production which also makes it environmentally sound as it requires no new farmland or water to produce.                   

Khoisan salt

Khoisan salt is unrefined, free of artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives with no chemical additives and high in natural trace elements.  


Their special varieties are used by the best chefs and restaurants in South Africa, and are exported all over the world, including to the exclusive Cooking School of Aspen in California, U.S.A.